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ROCC helps Filipino Communities in Canada for financial and travel assistance. 

Our company offers loan services to secure various monetary needs with responsible lending practice and NO Hidden Charges. We provide fast processing of cash loans for applicants with complete documents within a week with unequaled customer service.

Apply for a loan today at low lending rates and flexible payment terms!

We are located at  Downtown Medicine Hat and open every  Monday to Friday from 5 pm to 8 pm.  Please contact  us  if you need  a computer fillable loan application forms. 


1. Completed Application Forms (send us an email to send you the  forms)
2. Photocopy:
       a. Passport
       b. Work Permit, Permanent Resident Card or  
             Citizenship Certificate 
       c. SIN Card
       d. Driver's License and any Valid ID
       e. Proof of Billing Address
       f. Latest Pay Stub,
       g. 2 latest bank statements
                                                                                      h. Void Cheque/Pre-authorized Agreement