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Personal Business and Corporate Taxes
Remittance (RIA and Western Union)
Forex " balikbayan"  Boxes 
Commissioner for Oaths

ROCC Lending was started with the vision to help Filipinos and other Communities in Canada and Philippines for financial and travel assistance.

Our company offers loan services to secure various monetary needs with responsible lending practice and NO Hidden Charges. We provide fast processing of cash loans for applicants with complete documents as soon as possible with unequaled customer service.

Apply for a loan today at low lending rates and flexible payment terms!

We are located at 115 Broadway Ave E, Redcliff, AB, Canada and  UG-06 Goshenland Towers Condominium, Upper General Luna, Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines. We will send a computer fillable loan application forms after all requirements has been submitted.

Requirements for Philippines location

1. Photocopy of Two (2) Valid IDs

Passport , SSS, UMID, Driver's License, Natioanl ID, PRC, Postal, TIN, Voters ID/Certificate

2. Proof of Residence (at least ONE (1) of the ff )

Police Clearance, NBI Clearance, Contract for Lease, Utility Bill (Electric, Water, Telephonw/Phone, Internet) Should be dated within ONE (1) month & Bearing your name & Address.

3. Barangay Certificate ( compulsory)

4. Supporting Documents (at least ONE (1) of the ff  )

Credit Card Statment , Bank Statement with address &  dated within ONE (1) month previous month

5. Valid Proof of Income

Employed:  Last 2 Payslip , Certificate of employment

Business owner/ Self Employed: provide atleast THREE (3)

  DTI Permit, City Business permit, Income Tax return,              payroll bank accoint statement  

1. Complete the PERSONAL INFORMATION FORM in our website.

2. Fill out the Loan Application Forms sent through email.

3. Email a copy of your:

OFW : Employment Contract

Current Remitance Receipts (within THREE (3) Months)


Requirements for Canada location

a. Passport

b. Work Permit, Permanent Resident Card or

Citizenship Certificate

c. SIN Card

d. Driver's License and any Valid IDs

e. Proof of Billing Address

f. Latest Pay Stubs ( 1 month)

g. 2 latest bank statements ( 2 months)

h. Void Cheque/Pre-authorized Agreement

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